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Eco-friendly Products in Ottawa for Window Cleaning

At City Wide Window Cleaning, we aim to provide our customers with safe and eco-friendly products in Ottawa. The green cleaning products may reduce the harmful impact on building finishes and the environment. Our team is trained to provide cleaning services using the best practices, including:

EcoLogo certified products that minimize the use of toxins

Green Seal-approved cleaning agent that is better for human health and the environment

Environmentally sustainable cleaning system that reduces the use of chemicals and removes allergens effectively

Star Pro acid sub that is a powerful and non-corrosive all-purpose cleaner

Star Pro glass cleaner that leaves a streak-free shine on glass and mirrors

DSR concentrated glass cleaner that is effective on dirt, grease, smoke film, and water spots

Call us to learn more about our eco-friendly products and services.

Cleaning Agents for LEED-certified Buildings

If you are looking for cleaning agents for the windows of your LEED-certified building, we can help.

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