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Safety and Training Is Crucial in the Window Cleaning Industry

Safety and employee training are important factors to select the right window cleaning company. City Wide Window Cleaning ensures quality cleaning and follows safety standards by working with trained cleaning professionals. So, we hire our cleaners and train them through window cleaning certification and equipment qualification programs. We do not bring in subcontractors.


To keep safety the top-most priority, we do a background check and ensure the cleaner at your site is trained to complete the job safely and professionally. We conduct annual employee performance reviews in which we discuss their safety record. Our cleaners take part in annual building equipment inspections and life safety programs.


Apart from our cleaners, our managers are well-versed in the Ministry of Labour legislation, and we enforce compliance to every rule within it.

Our Certified and Trained Cleaners for Safe Cleaning Work

When you contact us for cleaning services, you can rest assured knowing our employees have completed the following training:

Suspended Access Equipment

Fall Arrest



First Aid

We also extend this training to all our customers. City Wide Window Cleaning is committed to the safety of our employees and works with the Ontario Ministry of Labour and the Canadian Standards Association to improve the standards and safety regulations.


For more information on efficient window cleaning services in Ottawa powered by safety-minded professionals, call us.

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