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Expert Bird Control Solutions in Ottawa

If pest birds like pigeons are roosting in your commercial or industrial property, you know the damage that these uninvited guests can cause. These birds cost Canadian building owners millions of dollars every year in damage cleanup and repairs, while their droppings can cause more than 60 serious diseases to humans and pets. At City Wide Window Cleaning, we are trained in all aspects of bird control. We pride ourselves on using the latest technologies and providing humane bird control solutions in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

As a certified bird barrier installer, we supply and install humane, low-profile bird deterrent systems. We also offer expert cleaning and sanitizing solutions. Our services are efficient and proven. We have the experience and expertise to handle all types of bird control situations in the Ottawa area.

Our services include:

Bird pressure

Site assessment

Cleaning and sanitizing

Production selection and installation

Access equipment



Bird Control Products

We supply various bird control products such as:


It is a commercial bird netting product that protects properties by keeping out uninvited birds. It is strong and durable, and requires special hardware and cable.

Bird-Shock® Flex-Track®:

This low-amperage track conforms to any architectural configuration and shocks bird’s feet. It requires special charger unit, either solar or 110v.


It is a versatile anti-perching system made of stainless steel. It destabilizes the ledge, causing birds to fly away. The coil is secured to a surface with small clips that are glued or screwed every 12 inches.


A spring-tensioned wire system placed between stainless steel posts to create an unstable landing area.


It has durable, thin, stainless steel spikes and a UV resistant polycarbonate base. It is the least conspicuous spike product in the market.

We carry all necessary insurance, permits, and licenses. For safe and discrete bird control solutions, call us today.

Quick and Effective Bird Control Solutions

We provide humane bird control solutions to help keep your property free from pest birds.

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